Natural pearl’s beauty considered as a god creature. People attracted by pearl from ancient times. In the past mollusk is used to produce pearl by naturally. If a material entered into their body that will make an irritation into their body. After a few days later that produced a rare jewel called pearl. Pure pearls are formed inside oysters shell. They are organic origin, beautiful and particularly susceptible to damage. For this reason we have to take great care of the "Gods Beauty" - pearls.

Pearls may be damaged by the chemicals reaction. So, be sure to wear any cultured pearl jewelry after completing your make-up and to wipe your jewelry with a soft dry silicon cloth after use. Pearl may lose their glassiness by absorbing sweat, oils, dirty and also color. Generally, clean pearls with a water and wipe the pearl jewelry with a soft cloth dipped in the solution. Then rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe the pearls again. You can also wash your pearls jewelry with mild soap and water. You can even use a drop of olive oil on the cloth to maintain their luster. You feel the radiance of your jewelry has been gone, take it to a specialist.

Some women’s skin is acidity than others and if a pearl ornaments is regularly worn by her, then it may be happen that some of the pearls will constantly come in contact with her skin.

The pearls of the ornament will gradually absorb acid from the skin and the acid will damage the spherical pearl. Naturally should not wear pearls while bathing. Cultured pearls are soft and putting them loosely in a jewelry box may also damage them. You need to store pearls such a way in the jewelry box so that, jewels do not get scratched from rubbing by contact with other jewelry and the edges of jewelry box. If you need to carry jewelry around, put it by wrapping them with acid-free tissue into a jewelry pouch for protection. Pearl makes unforgettable wedding gifts, bridal jewelry and special occasion gifts.

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